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In complete obedience to Christ, we will bring God’s love, compassion and redemption to our world.

To accomplish our mission, we operate three distinct ministries with three God-given directives:


The Directive for BLC Youth Outreach

We will B ring E ternal R adical R edemption to Y outh through camping and retreats. We will help youth to begin developing goals, plans, and dreams for a future grounded in obedience to Christ.

- Proverbs 22:6


The Directive for Berry Lake Camps

We will provide a retreat for peace, health and renewal so that people may seek and find God away from the challenges of daily life. Our hope is that those who visit Berry Lake Camps will find new life and love in Christ and take the gospel back home to their own mission fields.

- Psalm 51:10


The Directive for BLC Compassionate Ministries

We will be obedient to take God’s boundless love and compassion to the hungry, thirsty, lonely, naked, sick and imprisoned people in our world and we will meet their needs as God provides and directs.

- Matthew 25:34-40


Berry Lake Camps, Inc. offers a chance for at-risk kids in the Urban area to go to the Rural settings through Camps and Retreats; possibly for the first time in their lives.  Rather than being tuition-based, we are donation funded, allowing families and businesses who have been blessed financially to send a child or children to camps and retreats that might not otherwise get to go. Through the camping experience, we work to develop within our young people a sense of self-confidence, to develop love for God`s natural world and to influence a decision for Christ and a commitment to responsible Christian Living. We create an atmosphere at BLC Youth Outreach in which youth can begin developing goals, plans, and dreams for a Christ-blessed future.

Berry and Sandra Yarbrough`s call from God to begin Berry Lake Camps came in 1993 when their love for water-skiing and their desire to change the lives of young people who could go on to change our world came together in an idea of a Christian waterski camp for kids.
In 1999 Jim and Jan Yarbrough joined the team as board member and accounts manager.

Bradd Brown and Keith Duncan joined as board members in 1999. Mark Ogden joined the Board in 2006. Thanks to these dedicated people and many others who have volunteered their time and talents, we opened for retreats in the summer of 2000.
Once again BLC is taking a step into the future. In an effort to reach more people we have created a new logo and changed our operating name to BLC Youth Outreach This allows us to become a year-round ministry as well as a summer camp and retreat center.

In 2011 BLC, Mt. Triumph and Family Life Learning Centers partnered to kick off the Urban and Rural relationship. Together this will serve the community and will use learning resource centers that provides families with resources, strategies, and technologies for abundant living along with taking the urban into the rural setting to receive guidance and mentorship away from the crowded city and into a Rural healthy environment.

We ask for your Prayers and we would like for you to become involved with this life changing ministry, through Volunteering.





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